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MarketsBeaune, Chagny and the villages of Burgundy

Markets in the region of Beaune

Gourmet stroll

Discover local produce at typical markets in the Beaune region of Burgundy, with a special stop in Chagny

Markets in Burgundy

Tastes and traditions

Burgundy, our beautiful region, is as gourmet as its flagship products suggest: Charolais beef, Bresse poultry, blackcurrants, gingerbread, mustard…
It’s a priceless gastronomic heritage, not least because it’s alive and well and nurtured by our renowned chefs, but also by the Burgundians themselves.
At the helm of a professional stove, or at the controls of a home stove, what could be more natural than a local market to discover and savor the best products of our terroir?