Anis FlavignyAnis Flavigny
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LES ANIS DE FLAVIGNYA really good candy!
A deliciously vintage box,

Anise of Flavigny

a little aniseed sugar and a certain savoir-faire …

Like a sweet perfume to follow!

Let the sweet scent of aniseed waft through the narrow streets of the village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, to the heart of the ancient Benedictine abbey.

It all began in 52 BC

After Julius Caesar’s victory over Vercingetorix, Flavian, a veteran of the emperor’s troops, received a donation of a hill that would become the village of Flavigny sur Ozerain, located near the site of the battle of Alesia. This was probably the site of the Green Aniseed, which was used to treat soldiers. In the Middle Ages, anise was found at the heart of a small dragée, in fact, at court, the sweet was very much in vogue and ladies loved this douceur made at the Abbaye de Flavigny. Today, it’s still within the abbey and its crypt that Anis de Flavigny are made by the Troubat family. A free tour of the site reveals a wealth of expertise and an attractive store.

A family story

It all starts with a small seed of green anise, the fruit of Pimpinella Anisum from the Mediterranean basin. Harvesting in late August yields seeds with awarm, slightly pungent flavor, and a highly aromatic scent. Mix these divine seeds with an exceptional family,the Troubat family, and you’ve got the beginning of the story of this really good candy!

An exceptional product

A Family Story

A beautiful moment of sharing

For three generations, the Troubat family have made Anis de Flavigny a true Burgundian success story. The recipe has remained the same, 100% artisanal, with no coloring or preservatives. With a lot of commercial intuition and a bit of nerve, the little box with the retro look made its mark in the 1950s in all sorts of places: vending machines in stations, subways or airports, in “department stores” and cinemas. Les Anis de Flavigny has become a must-have, with new flavors such as jasmine, orange blossom, rose and violet, not to mention an organic range. They are now part of our landscape and our history, as is the image of the loving shepherd and shepherdess on the box. With their knowing looks, they speak to us of sweetness, romance and secrets to be shared.

Anis De Flavigny Terroirs

Rose, violet, mint, licorice, mandarin, blackcurrant...

In 1800, Anis de l’Abbaye de Flavigny already existed in a range of natural flavors extracted from plants by steam or beet alcohol distillation. The steam passes through the leaves and picks up the essential oil. To give you an idea: to make one liter of natural orange blossom essence, you need one ton of orange blossom petals, and to make one liter of natural rose essence, you need two tons of rose petals.

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