Truffles de Bourgogne Whole and halvedTruffle Bourgogne Brut
©Truffle Bourgogne Brut|Office du tourisme de Beaune Et Pays Beaunois
From the Tuberaceae family

Burgundy Truffle (Tuber Aestivum)

If you’re told “Tuber Uncinatum”, answer Amen!

This is the Burgundy truffle. Madame has her environment, her periods and her price, certainly…

Where can I find it?

The Burgundy truffle is a luxury product that thrives on the limestone plateaus that dominate the wine-growing coast and the truffle fields made up of fallow land and undergrowth. At home among hazel, hornbeam and black pine trees, this fragile mushroom is harvested from mid-September to the end of January, which explains its very high price. To hunt this treasure, there’s no need for high technology: it’s a specialized dog with an unstoppable nose that will flush out the mushroom’s musky fragrance.

But Madame is divine!

Its scent of undergrowth and hazelnut is irresistible, but escapes very easily, so the secret to a dish’s success lies in capturing the truffle’s delicate aromas. Marry it with a generous omelette, or a good salad with walnuts and a dash of olive oil. Scallops or risotto will be sublimated by this marvellous mushroom.

Madame is served...

To share all its secrets, the Maison aux mille truffes et champignons, located in the Hautes Côtes de Nuits, is devoting an entire exhibition and educational trail to it, followed by a tasting.

In autumn, marry wine tasting and truffles at Domaine Rion in Vosne- Romanée or book a themed weekend in a B&B at Domaine de la Combotte in Nantoux to visit a truffle farm and explore the subtle pairings of Burgundy wines & Truffles. You can also discover the fascinating world of truffles, which you’ll cook and taste, during your stay in a chambre d’hôtes or gîte at La Terre d’Or in the Montagne de Beaune.