The mustard was an invited guest at the table of the Dukes of Burgundy who set its recipe back in the Middle Ages. Since then, it’s been around the world, turning up everywhere, on your plate, to liven up the dish of the day, or in the hamburger of President Barack Obama, to bring a "French touch".

Dijon or not Dijon?

Originally, the mustard seed was grown in Burgundy, but after the end of the Second World War, its production became industrialised and whole containers of seed arrived in Burgundy from North America and Eastern Europe. Admittedly, Dijon mustard is not a protected designation of origin (PDO), so it can be manufactured anywhere in the world if you stick to the recipe. It seems simple – the mustard seed (Brassica negra) is crushed and mixed with an acidic juice extracted from green grapes, or verjuice. So has all mustard become just an ordinary product since it’s made with seeds brought in from elsewhere? No! Because an indomitable mustard family from Beaune has fought back again and again...

The resistance organises itself in Beaune

When, during the 70s, the mustard makers began moving towards mass production, a Beaune craft family operation, Fallot, took the opposite course. It clung on to craftsmanship, a smooth and typical mustard, and allowed itself the luxury of working alongside the great starred chefs of Burgundy and elsewhere. Better still, in the 90s, the young CEO of Fallot, Marc Desarmenien, was one of the spearheads of the cultivation of mustard seeds in Burgundy. In 2009, his "Burgundy Mustard" won the protected designation of origin indication (PDO), indicating that the seeds come from local cultivation, mixed with Burgundy AOC white wine and made in Beaune.


Fallot opens the doors of its Mustard Mill

In the premises which saw the birth of the brand in Beaune, the Moutarderie (Mustard Mill) offers 2 tours, a museum space with its fun, delicious tour, and a visit to the production site to discover the manufacturing process. But if you only have a few minutes, discover the latest addition to the house: Enjoy Fallot. This space with its contemporary, colourful design invites you to try out the latest creations from the business, stock up on fresh mustard served from the pump and receive tips and tricks from the chefs for your recipes!