Category I


This Tourist Office, classed as category I,
belongs to the Offices de Tourisme de France ® network, and undertakes to:

  • Provide you with a reception area and easily accessible information space
  • Help you with your plans
  • Offer furniture so you can sit down
  • Provide free information about local tourism
  • Offer free WiFi access
  • Display and disseminate opening times in at least two foreign languages
  • Be open at least 240 days a year, including Saturday and Sunday, during the tourist season and events
  • Answer your correspondence all year
  • Offer a permanent reception service provided by personnel speaking at least two foreign languages
  • Provide paper-based tourist maps and tourist guides
  • Provide access to its trilingual website
  • Also make its tourist information available on paper and translated into at least two foreign languages relating to:
  • all classified tourist accommodation containing at least the name of the hotel, postal address, e-mail, website address, telephone number and classification level
  • tourist monuments and cultural attractions, natural or recreational, which may include an indication of usage tariffs, dates and times of public opening, website, telephone and postal address details
  • events and activities
  • emergency phone numbers
  • Update its tourist information annually
  • Display outside emergency phone numbers
  • Deal with your complaints and measure your satisfaction
  • Maintain a quality approach
  • Ensure the reliability and currency of information on the local tourist offer