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A weekend in Beaune in winter

Skiing’s not for you? Neither are vacations in the tropics? Come and discover the authentic face of Burgundy. The landscapes of the Côte de Beaune and Hautes-Côtes de Beaune are ideal for a stay in Burgundy. You’ll be able to discover famous places, away from the crowds, peacefully, at your own pace: bare vineyards lit up by low-angled light, villages of white Burgundy limestone, monuments with glazed tile roofs that reflect the sun’s rays like mirrors…

Let’s discover together what a weekend in Burgundy looks like in winter.

1. Friday 7.30pm: Arrival in Beaune

You arrive at Beaune station from Paris. You were able to leave work at 17:00. Just enough time to rush to Gare de Lyon, and here you are, after only 2 hours on the train, at Gare de Beaune. You’ve barely had time to recharge your phone. No problem, you and your friends have booked an apartment just a 10-minute walk from the station. The Google Maps itinerary won’t drain your 60% battery. You receive a warm welcome at La Maison des Courtines, your rented apartment for the weekend. You’re famished and the Plateau Gourmand that awaits you is most welcome. Local cheeses and charcuterie go perfectly with a bottle of Burgundy, of course. With just enough time to eat, you’ll be able to enjoy the evening strolling through the quiet streets of Beaune town center. It’s a real pleasure to do it all on foot. You’ll discover the old stones and wander along the ramparts to easily find your way to the Hospices. At the Wine Sale and during the festive season, take time to watch thefaçade illuminated with the history of Beaune and the Hôtel-Dieu. It’s a grandiose spectacle that awakens your childlike soul. It’s a bit chilly, but you’ve brought the right shoes and parka. You quietly continue your visit to get to bed early, as tomorrow will be a long day.

2. Saturday 7:30am: Going hiking

Departure for a hike in the vineyards. The sun has barely risen and you’re already in the middle of the vineyards. With hat, scarf, gloves and walking shoes, you’re about to embark on a 6 km walk through the Grands Crus. You chose this hike because you could walk to the starting point from the center of Beaune. No need to hire a car or take a cab, you’re right in the heart of the Côte de Beaune vineyards. The view is superb. The sun rises over the Alps, which you can make out in the distance. Yes, it’s Mont Blanc, its pink silhouette visible on the horizon. The fog rolls in at the foot of the vines, revealing a romantic landscape. The vineyards in winter are just as charming as in other seasons. Along the way, you’ll come across winegrowers caring for their vines. They prune and burn the shoots in large braziers. A quick chat to pick up a good address or two, and you leave them to their work.

3. Saturday 11am: Beaune market

Stroll through the market and discover local produce. Beaune may be a small town, but its market is an institution. On Saturday mornings, it’s the place to be for all Beaune residents. It’s best to come on foot, and take the time to visit the aisles of the Halle, located opposite the Hospices. Outside, local produce vendors have taken over the square and adjacent streets. You’ll be tempted by local cheeses from Hess, discover Burgundy truffles from Champitruffes and leave with a thick slice of ham from D & M traiteur. Just the thing for a gourmet break, walk it off!

4. Saturday 3pm: Spa relaxation

A cocooning afternoon: it’s been a busy morning, and you’ve been able to forget about your working week. But now it’s time to unwind and enjoy some well-deserved rest. The Spa de Fruitithérapie®La Cueillette in Meursault is the perfect place to unwind. You’ll be introduced to Fruitithérapie® products. These treatments, based on fresh organic red fruit (blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant), have unrivalled energizing and relaxing properties. Beaune is a small town, but all services are available. You had no trouble finding a comfortable cab to drop you off in Meursault, right in front of the town hall. You were determined to take a selfie in front of the “Kommandantur” from La Grande Vadrouille. A few minutes’ walk took you to the spa at Hôtel La Cueillette, both in the heart of Meursault village and surrounded by vineyards.

5. Saturday 5pm: Cellar tour

If you prefer wine to spa, or if you’ve regained all your energy thanks to this cocooning afternoon, head for the pretty village of Santenay. TheSantenay Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée is not the best known to the general public, yet discovering the red wines of the Santenay AOC is a real moment of pleasure and amazement. Maison Evenstad, located on the Place Centrale du Jet d’Eau, invites you to plunge into the heart of winegrowing Burgundy in its vaulted cellars and enjoy an unforgettable tasting experience.

6. Saturday 7.30pm: Dinner at the restaurant

Take advantage of the evening to dine at La Cueillette. The 19th-century decor of the château’s dining room is the perfect introduction to chef Takashi Kinoshita ‘s elegant, contemporary and thoughtful gourmet cuisine. La Table de la Cueillette, a gourmet restaurant in Burgundy, is his stage for free expression in the pursuit of taste. Or head back to Beaune, where you’ll find a host of top-quality restaurants and wine bars to choose from.

7. Sunday 10am: Cooking class

Spend a convivial moment behind the stove: no time to sleep in, you have an appointment with Adeline for a cooking and tasting class. Cooking classes with Adeline are guaranteed to get you in the mood. You won’t get bored. Laughter around her worktop and lively discussions around her magnificent wooden table – that’s what’s in store for you this Sunday morning. First, she’ll reveal the secrets of 4 Burgundian dishes that you’ll have to cook in unison. Then, you’ll get to taste them together, accompanied by wines she’s selected herself from local producers. It’s an experience not to be missed!

8. Sunday 3.30pm: Tour of the Hospices

Finish in style with a visit to the Hospices de Beaune… You’ve got two hours to spare before catching your train back to Paris Gare de Lyon at 8:00 pm. How about a visit to the Hospices de Beaune? You can’t leave Beaune without passing through the door of this emblematic building. Its Burgundy stone architecture imposes itself on the town center. Its slate roof on the street side is already exceptional. But what about the roof on the courtyard side? The“wow” effect is guaranteed. A faint ray of sunlight between the clouds is all it takes for you to be totally dazzled by the thousands of colorful tiles. The visit will make you want to watch La Grande Vadrouille for the 104th time, always with pleasure. Wandering through the Salle des Pôvres, discovering the kitchens and the apothecary, you’ll be transported back to another century, when caring for the weak was not so commonplace. And yet this was the vocation of this model hospital in the late Middle Ages. Nicolas Rolin and Guigone de Salins devoted their lives to the construction and management of this monumental work!

Before you leave Beaune, don’t forget to buy a bottle of Burgundy wine. Once you’ve opened it, your weekend will be even longer…

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